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Helping You Handle Gallstones in Ilford, Essex

Gallstones occur when bile, which is normally found in a fluid state, turns solid and forms stones. Depending on their severity, you may need to have them removed. At London Obesity Clinic, in Ilford, Essex, our consultant surgeon capably completes gallstones surgery and gallbladder removal. Additionally, we offer a selection of weight-loss procedures as well as hernia surgeries.

What Gallstones Are

Gallstones commonly contain lumps of cholesterol-like, fatty material that has solidified and hardened, with bile pigments or calcium deposits often being culpable. In some circumstances, a few small stones are formed, while in others there are a great many or even one large stone. Gallstones become increasingly common with age. The risk of forming gallstones also increases with pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, rapid weight loss, a family history of gallstones, and when you take certain medicines, such as the contraceptive pill. For further details about gallstones, visit our main site.

A Variety of Solutions

Because gallstones cause varying amounts of pain and discomfort, every patient is assessed individually. The most suitable solution for you will be recommended. The potential solutions are as follows:

  • Treatments - No treatment is needed in most cases. It is often best to leave gallstones alone if they cause few or no symptoms.
  • Medication - Ursodeoxycholic acid may sometimes dissolve small stones. However, this may take years of treatment and it is not usually successful, which is why it is not commonly used.
  • Surgery - Once gallstones start presenting symptoms, surgery is the best treatment. An operation to remove the gallbladder is the usual treatment. Different techniques to remove the gallbladder may be recommended, depending on its site, size, and other factors.

Gallbladder Removal Surgeries

Known technically as laparoscopic cholecystectomy, keyhole surgery is now the most common method of gallbladder removal. It is called keyhole surgery as only small cuts are needed in the abdomen with small scars remaining afterwards. The operation is done with the aid of a special telescope that is pushed into the abdomen through one small cut. This allows the surgeon to see the gallbladder. Instruments pushed through another small cut are used to cut out and remove the gallbladder. Keyhole surgery is not suitable for all people, however. Some patients with gallstones need a traditional operation to remove the gallbladder. This is called cholecystectomy, and in this operation a larger cut is needed to access the gallbladder. Other surgical procedures like ERCP may be needed if a stone becomes stuck in the bile duct.

Contact our consultant surgeon now, in Ilford, Essex, for further information about our gallstones surgery and gallbladder removal.