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Mr. Sanjay Agrawal


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Specialists in Fitting Gastric Bands in Ilford, Essex, and covering the whole of the South East.

Gastric band surgery is designed to aid patients with their weight-loss programme. At London Obesity Clinic, in Ilford, Essex, covering the whole of the South East our consultant surgeon completes gastric band surgeries, which involve an adjustable band being fitted around the patient’s stomach. It reduces the size of their stomach in order to reduce the amount they can eat at each meal. Gastric bands are just one of the bariatric procedures that we conduct, with others including gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries.

About the Procedure

The gastric band procedure is performed laparoscopically and is usually completed in between 30 minutes and hour. During the procedure, you will be given general anaesthetic. After gastric band surgery, most patients will be able to lose around half of their unwanted weight. The gastric band should help by restricting the amount you can eat at each meal, but in order to lose weight you will have to eat a carefully designed diet. Find out more about gastric band surgery by visiting our main website.

The Cost of Surgery

The cost of the gastric band surgery differs depending on the hospital at which it takes place. Please note that the prices given below are for guidance only, and that quotes may vary depending on your requirements. This will be discussed following your consultation.


  • Rivers Hospital, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, CM21 0HH £6,695* (this includes COVID-19 swab fee)
  • Spire London East (formerly Roding) Hospital, Redbridge, Essex IG4 5PZ £7,720 (£8,040-Standard band on the hospital web site)* [this excludes COVID-19 swab fee of £72.00]
  • Nuffield Health-Brentwood Hospital, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8EH  £7,250 (BMI <50)*
  • BMI The London Independent Hospital, Stepney Green, London, E1 4NL  £6,850 for BMI <50 & £7,850 for BMI >50* 

*   Please note that these are guide prices based on you being fit for the procedure - quotes may vary according to individual requirements and discuss this with the team following your consultation   ×   To our knowledge, these package prices were correct as on 5th April, 2021. However, please check for up-to-date prices with the relevant hospital you are interested in for your surgery 
Note:   The hospitals where Mr Agrawal works have 0% finance options to allow you to spread the operation costs completely interest-free over extended periods 




Contact our consultant surgeon now, in Ilford, Essex, to discover more about our bariatric procedures, which include gastric band surgery.