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Conducting Gastric Bypass Surgeries in Ilford, Essex, and covering the whole of the South East

Gastric bypass surgery, most commonly the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, is a weight-loss procedure that works by making your stomach smaller and bypassing part of your digestive system. This means that you won't be able to eat as much during meals, and your body will absorb less of the food you do eat. At London Obesity Clinic, in Ilford, Essex, this is just one of the weight-loss procedures that we specialise in throughout the South East. Others include gastric band and gastric sleeve surgeries.

Helping You to Lose Weight

The gastric bypass is performed as keyhole surgery, and you will be under general anaesthesia so that you sleep through the operation. It generally takes between one and three hours to complete. The average patient can expect to lose around 60% to 70% of their extra weight after this procedure. Although the gastric bypass surgery can make it a bit easier to lose weight, you will only achieve results if you stick to your diet plan. For more information about gastric bypass surgery, go to our main website.

Procedure Pricing Information

The cost of the gastric bypass surgery differs depending on the hospital at which it takes place. Please note that the prices given below are for guidance only, and that quotes may vary depending on your requirements. This will be discussed following your consultation.

  • Rivers Hospital, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, CM21 0HH: £8995 *
  • Holly House Hospital, Buckhurst Hill, Esex IG9 5HX: £9,300*
  • Spire (formerly BUPA) Roding Hospital, Redbridge, Essex IG4 5PZ: £9,600*
  • Nuffield Health-Brentwood Hospital, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8EH: £9800 for BMI < 50 & £11310 for BMI > 50*
  • BMI The London Independent Hospital, Stepney Green, London, E1 4NL: £10,950 for BMI < 50 & £11,950 for BMI > 50*
  • Wellington Hospital, St. John’s Wood, London, NW8 9LE: please discuss prices in clinic according to individual requirements.

* Please note that these are guide prices only - quotes may vary
according to individual requirements and discuss this with team following your

x Please note that the prices were correct as on
1st December, 2016; However, please ring us on 07876618424 for any changes in the
package since December, 2016

Cristin Casey - Gastric Bypass

"Mr. Agrawal was an absolutely fantastic surgeon, he was very supportive throughout the whole entire process."


Holly Grayson - Gastric Bypass

"My experience with Mr. Agrawal has been positive from start to finish, he’s absolutely lovely, he made me feel really at ease”


Jane - Gastric Bypass

“After I had my children I put around 3 stone on and I tried everything to get it off, I’ve done all the diets everyone is familair with but the weight would come back on. The decision to have the operation was made 18 months after I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was not convinced I was going to have this operation, but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”


Case Studies

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