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Expertly Treating Hernias in Ilford, Essex

A hernia, or rupture, occurs where there is a weakness in the wall of the abdomen. As a result, some of the contents within the abdomen can then bulge or push through under the skin. This leads to a feeling of a soft lump or swelling under the skin. At London Obesity Clinic, in Ilford, Essex, our consultant surgeon provides hernia treatment and surgery when the lump becomes larger or increasingly uncomfortable. Additionally, our clinic provides a variety of weight-loss surgeries and gallstones treatments.

Men Suffering Hernias

Hernias can occur in anyone, although men are more likely to have inguinal hernias, as they have a small tunnel in the tissues of their groins which occurred when they were developing as a baby. This tunnel allowed the testes to come down from the abdomen into the scrotum. Intestinal tissue can also pass into this tunnel, forming an inguinal hernia.

The Cause of Hernia

Hernias in adults may arise as a result of the strain which raises the pressure in the abdomen, subsequently causing a weakness or tear in the abdominal wall. This can be caused by:

  • Persistent Coughing
  • Being Overweight or Pregnant
  • Lifting, Carrying, or Pushing Heavy Loads
  • Straining on the Toilet

Spotting the Symptoms

Sometimes, a hernia is noticed after a strain, for example after lifting a heavy object. On other occasions, a hernia may develop for no reason at all, and you may simply notice a small lump, usually in the groin area. In most cases, at first, the lump can be pushed back, but may pop out after straining again. Coughing is a common strain that causes hernias to occur. The swelling often disappears when you lie down. Hernias are not usually painful, but many people feel an ache over a hernia which worsens after doing any activity. In time, they might become bigger as the gap in the muscle or ligament tissue becomes larger. This can, in men, result in the hernia tracking down into the scrotum. To learn more about hernias, visit our main website.

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